Doing Without : Refrigerator?

fridgeRecently, the New York Times reported a new phenomenon … in an effort to save energy, some people are choosing to live without a refrigerator. The article cites that 99.5% of all households have one, and each one uses enough energy and pollutes the environment to equal anywhere from 55 gallons to 110 gallons of fuel per year. Seems pretty hardcore. The woman they interview in their article is sort of cheating, if you ask me, with her freezer in the basement, which she uses to create bottles of ice to keep a camp cooler cold. But, on the other hand, I don’t know if I could do without my fridge. I do suspect I could get along fine with a smaller model — maybe like a dorm-sized one, like many of my friends in Europe seem to get by with. It would be the end of full-week, or multi-day shopping, though. I’d be forced to shop for the food I was going to eat that very day. And I don’t really see that as a bad thing, if only a little inconvenient. All in all, it’s an interesting proposal for reducing wasted energy. Do you think you could do it?