Way too many tomatoes.

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He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Uh-oh. I just went to the local farmer’s market, intending to buy some cherry tomatoes to make the homemade ketchup described on Jamie Oliver’s cooking show. I had originally picked up 2 pints of yellow plum tomatoes and two pints of yellow grape tomatoes, which would have set me back $11, but when I got to the head of the line, the farmer offered me an amazing deal. Since it was close to closing time, and he didn’t want to lug them back with him, he’d sell me a box of 30lbs of red Early Girl’s for $12. I couldn’t turn a deal like that down, and I put the yellow tomatoes back and walked off with the Early Girl’s. 40¢ a pound.

So not only will I be making the ketchup, as well as a bunch of tomato sauce to can, I see a bunch of BLT’s in my future, too.