More New Food Words

distavore n. To prove how wrong the farm-to-table movement is, I cooked a dinner purely of farm-to-airplane food. Nothing I made was grown within 3,000 miles of where I live in Los Angeles.…My distavore meal was more a smorgasbord than a smart fusion of cultures, but I still ate the way only a very rich person could have dined just 15 years ago.

cuisine trail n. A plan to authorize more cuisine trails, including as many as 10 “apple trails” and 10 trails that could include several different foods and wines. The idea is to boost tourism and agriculture products.

Gastrosexuals n. Dubbed ‘Gastrosexuals,’ this new generation of men consider cooking more a hobby than a household chore and use their kitchen prowess to impress friends and prospective partners. (

chop-up n. Mr. Albarn brought them as well into the revue, or the “chop-up,” as he called it—a Nigerian term for a feast.

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