More Food Neologisms

More jargon and recently coined food words and phrases from The Double Tongued Dictionary.

God shot n.The [espresso] machine is for people who like to fiddle—and not everyone wants to grind beans, pre-heat demitasses, tamp at just the right pressure, “temperature surf” and do all the other hoo-ha necessary to produce a perfect shot (or “God shot,” as they call it on Coffeegeek).”

meat glue n. “Transglutaminase: Commonly known as meat glue, it is used to chemically bond proteins together.”

sushi index n.There’s something called the sushi index.…The Americans are eating less fancy-fancy because they are screwed for the dollars.”

meat without feet n. Professor Omholt knows that persuading many people to overcome their knee-jerk distaste for lab meat—or meat without feet,’ as one animal organisation has referred to it—will be tricky.”