Tell us your favorite pie, and you could win a Cooking Monster T-Shirt!

Cooking Monster is giving away a t-shirt to one lucky commenter to the site. Simply reply to this post, telling us what your favorite kind of pie is, before 5pm on Jun-15-08, and you’ll be entered to win!

Just tell us what your favorite flavor of pie is. Is it savory, or sweet? Do you like ice cream with it or just plain? Does the crust have to be just so? Let us know! Reply, and you could win a Cooking Monster T-shirt. Be sure to enter an email address so we can reach you — don’t worry, they’ll stay private with us, and we won’t use it for any other purpose but to tell you if you’ve won.

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Update, June 16, 2008 : Commenter #6, Ted Sears, won the contest this time. He chose the tote bag. Thanks to everyone who participated. Keep your eyes peeled for the next giveaway.

17 thoughts on “Tell us your favorite pie, and you could win a Cooking Monster T-Shirt!

  1. Mmmm…I like pecan pie with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Also like my sister-in-law’s key lime pie (and I always thought a key lime pie would be too tart for me). But I’d probably prefer some sort of chocolate mousse in a graham cracker crust!

  2. A cherry pie, made with real (sugared) sour cherries, and using tapioca as a binder. Mmmm.

  3. I love mincemeat pie with coolwhip topping, but don’t eat it often because
    1. You can’t find it at the local supermarket
    2. It freaks people out

  4. not very picky. like strawberry rubarb, partial also to blueberry, a good one anyway. but really, in general, i like to eat and never turn down a piece of pie, or two or three.

  5. Flapper Pie – not because of its flavor, not because of texture, not because of its blend of fine and rare ingredients or special cooking techniques – but because of its rarity value.

    My Mom grew up on the Canadian prairies during the Depression. When the fifties hit, with its glorious advances in food technology, Mom was all in – she hates cooking. Instant mashed potatoes, Spam and packaged gravy mix were a culinary fixture of my childhood and, I’m embarrassed to say, they still evoke the taste of home for me. I have a “dirty secrets” sentimental love for these things.

    Given Mom’s dislike of cooking and love of pre-prepared food, all “home-baked” goods came out of a box, including for example the wonderful / awful “Butterscotch Puddy Cake Mix”, which was a gelatinous chemically pudding the color of … (no, I’m not going there) … that congealed around a lump of glutinous dough (advertised as “cake” on the box, but as far away from cake as you can get in a product that contains flour).

    Dad knew that Mom could bake, though – after all, as a kid, one of her Saturday chores was to make the pies and cakes for the week for a family of eight. And he teased her and teased her, year after year, until one year she finally broke down and made a Flapper Pie.

    Flapper Pie has a Graham cracker crust filled with custard, then topped with meringue. A small amount of Internet research suggests that it is a regional speciality of the Prairies (a region as famed for its cuisine as it is for its stunning mountain vistas). It’s an old-fashioned dish; I wouldn’t be surprised if it became popular during the depression (although Wikipedia claims that “along with jellied salads, [it] became all the rage for WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) in Canada in the 1960-70s [citation needed]”. (Citation needed indeed.)

    On that momentous day when Mom made Flapper Pie, we bowed our heads with reverence over our slices. And, you know what? It’s not that great. Not bad, but not great. Dad continued to tease Mom, but Mom never made another, so that pie, that one pie from my childhood, has achieved legendary status in my family.

  6. Fresh strawberry pie with cool-whip topping. On a hot August day, there’s nothing better!!

  7. There is abolutely nothing in the world like one of my own mincemeat pies.

    I start with the dried mincemeat, breaking it apart, and soaking it in brandy& rum for at least 6 months. During this time, I add raisins as needed for body, and brandy & rum as needed for my mental health.

    I bake the bottom crust for just a few minutes, then add the mincemeat and a top crust with a minimum of fork holes as needed for the steam to escape.

    Keep a close watch, and immediately remove the pie from the oven as soon as the crust achieves the desired browning, so too much alcohol does not vaporize.

    Let cool a few minutes, and serve with ice cream, or on its own. Be careful how much you eat.

    This is NOT for children, or for those who are going to be driving soon.

  8. My first reaction was “chicken pot pie!”
    But then I settled down, and gave it some serious thought, and discovered that my favorite pie is a flaky crust filled with leek, zucchini and gruyere, drizzled with bechamel (or just a little cream), and topped with tomato slices and grated parmesan.

  9. I know, booooring apple pie! I just love it and the crumb topping type is about best with raisins.

  10. Over here in New Zealand meat pies are one of the most common snack foods – more than pizza or anything- and the BEST of them all, is the Butter Chicken Curry Filled Pie from the bakery in the valley road shops….
    mmmm…. pie…..
    I probably eat about 4 or 5 a week. Apple pies and all just seem strange, and i put them in the same catagory as tarts and things…

  11. Fresh, drippy, juicy Amish rhubarb.  A taste and texture like nothing else I have tasted, if distrubingly pale for some people.

    I do, however, wish the U.S. had more meat pie/pasty options though.

  12. mmmmmmmmmmm….Pecan pie…mmmmmmmmm with a dollop of Vanilla ice cream, warm from the oven, with a rumbling tummy and lots of friends to share it with. I love pie, I love all pies – Apple, Blackberry, Apple and Blackberry, Rhubarb( and Custard), the list can go on.. but I really love Pecan Pie and Vanilla Ice cream…mmmmmmmmm – got one in the oven right now, yay!

  13. I like fresh strawberry pie where the strawberries are piled high!  Then some whipped cream on them!

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