Lamb Hash

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I started off by dicing a large russet potato and parboiling it for 10 minutes in well salted water. Then I sauteed some sliced onions and shallots. Once they were soft, I removed them to a bowl, and then browned off a pound of ground lamb, and removed it to the bowl. There was quite a bit of lamb fat left in the pan, that I probably should have drained off. Instead, I added a little more butter for browning, and tossed in the potatoes, and let them cook for 5 minutes, stirring every so often. Once they were golden brown on the edges, I poured the lamb and the onions back in. I seasoned it all with a little smoked paprika (which I’m apt to put on just about anything these days, except maybe vanilla ice cream), and a tuscan season blend made up of thyme and sage, as well as some ground black pepper. At this point, the potatoes were starting to break down on me, and a good deal of fond was left at the bottom of the pan, so I added a little chicken stock, scraping the bottom of the pan. Had I had a waxier potato, like a couple yukon golds, I would have used them. In the last few minutes, I tossed in some frozen edamame, popped on a lid for a few minutes, to let them thaw and steam.

I probably didn’t use the lamb to it’s full advantage, but it was fast, and tasty.

2 thoughts on “Lamb Hash

  1. I prepared my Lamb Hash using some left over red potatoes that were going to be fed to my dogs. They got Alpo instead :)The Lamb was taken of a left over leg of Lamb and chunked up along with about a cup of chopped yellow onions also left over from another but NOT slated for the dogs. Everything into a heavy iron skillet along with a good dollop of steak sauce and a chunked up small red apple. Every thing stirred and mixed together and then cooked until nice and browned. In a seperate pan I did up four eggs sunny side up and plopped those on top of the hash. Got two very tasty meals out of it !

  2. You really should seek out natural/organic lamb that has been raised solely on grass/hay that way you won’t get the puddles of grease in your dishes, and the flavour is much sweeter. It’s healthier to eat too, because of the ‘good’ fatty acids (cla). Bon appetit.

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